Our approach is very simple, we want you to relax, to enjoy yourself, and to realise your dreams. There is never any pressure on you to reveal anymore than you are happy to reveal, or to do anything that you are not happy to do; indeed please remember that it is your desires that drive the shoot and not some standard format.

Whilst we naturally have a number of traditional studio accesories it is up to you to bring along your own special clothing and personal 'props' so you can plan in advance how sensual and sexy you want your shoot to be. Don't worry you will not shock us, we are a professional studio, very very broadminded, and will do our best to capture your dreams in a sensual and creative way.

Most of our clients prefer to start off their shoot in some suggestive 'going out' clothes and then to gradually reveal more as their confidence grows. Naturally you can change clothes and props as many times as you like during your personal photo shoot.